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Your TAP Flight Is Delayed. Should You Wait at Home?

Your TAP flight is delayed. You see it online.

Now, you may be uncertain about the next course of action. Should you proceed to the airport as initially planned, or should you wait at home or your hotel? The duration of the delay can vary significantly, ranging from a mere 30 minutes to as long as 23 hours. What if the delay falls into the latter category? Will you have to wait at the airport for 23 hours until TAP finds a solution? Can’t you just stay at home or hotel for some time?

The answer depends… However, in most cases, the solution is quite straightforward.

Should You Wait or Proceed as Planned?

Your flight has encountered a delay. What should be your next course of action?

It primarily depends on your current location.

Are you at home? Or at the airport?

1. You Are at the Gate, Waiting for Flight

If you are already at the gate, patiently awaiting your flight, and you receive news of a delay, the best course of action is to remain there. Stay at the gate and keep an eye out for further updates regarding your flight status.

2. You Haven’t Gone Through Airport Security

If you find yourself waiting to go through airport security and learn that your flight is delayed, it is advisable to remain where you are. Before proceeding any further, ensure that you check for any updates regarding the revised check-in time for your flight. If the check-in time has been delayed, it is recommended to refrain from going through security at that moment.

Wait until there are additional updates before proceeding through airport security.

Have you already completed online check-in?

Even if you have, it is best to wait. Refrain from proceeding until the official check-in process begins.

3. You Are at Home or Hotel

What should you do if you discover your flight has been delayed while you are still at home?

First, check if the check-in time for your flight has been postponed. You can do this by contacting TAP directly or reaching out to the airport information desk. This step is crucial because if the check-in time has also been delayed, there is no immediate need to rush to the airport.

However, if the check-in time remains unchanged, it is advisable to stick to your original schedule and proceed to the airport as planned, especially if you need to complete airport check-in and have checked baggage.

If check-in is delayed, stay at home or your hotel.

If check-in is not delayed, go to the airport as per your original plan.

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How to Check TAP Flight Status Online?

Wondering how to check your TAP flight status online?

Here are a few methods you can use:

  1. Visit the website of the airport from where your flight is scheduled to depart.
  2. Access the website of TAP ( to obtain the latest information about your flight.
  3. Utilize flight tracking services like Flightradar24.

It is highly recommended to check your flight status before heading to the airport, especially if you have an early morning departure. Trust us, arriving at the airport at 5 am only to endure lengthy delays or cancellations is not ideal. It’s better to get some rest at home.

Furthermore, it is important to double-check the flight status again just before leaving your home or hotel to ensure there are no unexpected changes.

Travellers typically become aware of a flight delay through various means:

  • Receiving an SMS or email notification of the delay;
  • Checking the flight status online;
  • Learning about it upon arrival at the airport or even at the gate.

What If You Are Going to Miss Your Connecting Flight?

What if you’re at risk of missing a connecting flight?

When it comes to a TAP connecting flight, there’s no need to worry about missing your connection because you’re protected.

If you miss your connecting flight, TAP will provide you with a new flight at no additional cost. You don’t have to search for an alternative flight on your own. Simply seek assistance from TAP staff at the airport if you find yourself in this situation.

However, if you have a self-transfer flight, the responsibility falls on you to catch the connecting flight. If you happen to miss it, you will need to purchase a new flight independently. Nevertheless, you may still be eligible for compensation in the event of a TAP flight delay or TAP flight cancellation.

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Right to Care at the Airport

As a passenger facing a flight delay or cancellation, you have certain rights to receive care benefits from TAP during your time at the airport.

According to regulations, if the delay lasts for a minimum of 3 hours during daylight hours, TAP is obligated to provide you with complimentary meals and beverages, as well as two forms of communication (such as phone calls, emails, or faxes), usually facilitated through vouchers.

If the delay extends into the following day, TAP must additionally offer you free hotel accommodation, transportation to and from the airport, and one or two complimentary meals.

If you haven’t received any of these benefits yet, please ensure to reach out to TAP for the necessary assistance.

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Could You Be Entitled to TAP Flight Delay Compensation?

Indeed, you could be eligible for TAP flight delay compensation.

If you’ve experienced a holdup of more than three hours, or if your flight has been cancelled without at least 14 days’ notice, you may qualify for a compensation of up to 600 euros in accordance with EU law. This is unless the delay or cancellation was a result of extraordinary circumstances.

This entitlement applies irrespective of the ticket price or your nationality.

Don’t forget to keep your boarding pass and other travel documents, as you may need them when applying for compensation. If you require help with the process, you can turn to services that specialize in securing compensation from TAP – our partners offer such services.

Can You Get Flight Delay Compensation in Case of a TAP Strike?

When a TAP flight is delayed or cancelled due to a strike, there are two scenarios – it’s either a strike of TAP staff or a different strike.

In most cases, if the strike is initiated by airport staff, air traffic control, or if it’s a labor strike not directly involving TAP, you won’t be entitled to compensation. These are considered extraordinary circumstances, and airlines are not usually held responsible.

However, if the strike is carried out by TAP’s own employees, the airline is likely obliged to provide compensation to passengers. Always review the specific circumstances surrounding your delay or cancellation, and double-check information provided by the airline.

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Can You Get Delay Compensation in Case of Technical Problems with the Airplane?

Yes, if your TAP flight is delayed due to technical issues with the aircraft, you may be eligible for flight delay compensation.

More often than not, these issues do not qualify as extraordinary circumstances.

There might be exceptions in certain cases, such as if the technical faults were caused by concealed manufacturing flaws.

What is your experience with TAP flight delays? Have you ever experienced a flight delay with TAP? How did the airline resolve the situation?

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