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TAP Missed Connection Compensation

TAP missed connection compensation.

How much can you claim? What happens if you miss your flight?

If you experience a missed flight connection with TAP, you may be entitled to compensation. It’s important to note that factors such as your nationality, ticket price, and travel insurance coverage do not affect your eligibility since TAP must adhere to specific regulations dictated by European Union laws. If compensation is deemed necessary, TAP is obligated to provide it.

You have the choice to file a claim independently or seek assistance from a flight compensation company. Let’s delve into the details.

1. EU Missed Flight Connection Compensation

If you miss your connecting flight with TAP, you may be entitled to compensation.

The laws governing these situations are straightforward.

1.1 Missed Connecting Flight Due to Delay: Compensation 

What if a delay caused missed connection?

If you experienced a delay that caused you to miss your connection and arrive at your destination 3 or more hours later than scheduled, you may be eligible for compensation under EU regulations. As long as the delay was due to the airline’s fault.

TAP, being a European airline, is subject to these regulations for all their flights. It is important to note that legally there is no specific compensation category for missed connections on TAP flights; instead, it falls under the scope of flight delay compensation.

To summarize, you may be eligible for TAP flight compensation if:

  • You arrived at your final destination 3 or more hours later than originally scheduled.
  • The delay was caused by TAP’s fault.
  • The flight is either departing from or arriving in Europe.

The same rules apply to connecting flights. In this case, your destination is your final destination (not any of the layover airports). For example, you have a flight from Frankfurt to Cancun via Lisbon. Cancun is your final destination. If you have made to Cancun 3+ hours later than scheduled, you will be compensated for the whole Frankfurt – Cancun trip.

Don’t forget to file a compensation claim!

1.2 Missing a Connecting Flight Due to Cancellation

The regulations regarding missed connection due to cancellation are similar to those for flight delays.

If you are traveling to or from Europe and your final destination is reached with a delay of 3 or more hours caused by the fault of the airline, you may be eligible for compensation from TAP. The compensation amounts range from €250 to €600, depending on the distance of your flight. The longer the flight the more you can get.

To summarize, you can seek compensation for missed connecting flight if:

  • Your previous flight is cancelled (or delayed) due to the fault of the airline.
  • You arrive at your destination 3 or more hours later than scheduled.
  • The flight is either departing from or arriving in Europe.

It’s important to note that this type of compensation is only provided for connecting flights and not for self-transfer flights.

If you have booked separate flights with different airlines and one flight is cancelled, the airline will be responsible for that particular flight. For example, if you booked a flight with TAP and another with Ryanair and the TAP flight is cancelled, TAP will only be responsible for their own flight. They may provide compensation for the cancelled TAP flight, but they will not assist with your Ryanair flight.

If you have booked separate flights with one airline, it is also considered to be a self transfer. If you have several booking reference numbers, it’s a self transfer. It doesn’t matter if the flight legs are operated by one or several airlines. Keep this in mind when booking a trip!

Want to claim compensation? Make sure you file a compensation claim!

By Europe and EU here on this page (and on this website in general) we mean all EU Member States, the United Kingdom (UK), Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, Reunion, Mayotte, Saint Martin (French Antilles), the Azores, Madeira, the Canary Islands, Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland.

2. Extraordinary Circumstances

In aviation, extraordinary circumstances are referred to events or situations that are beyond the control of the airline, such as bad weather, pandemics, natural disasters, security risks, and more. Unfortunately, if you miss your connecting flight due to these events, you won’t be eligible for compensation for missed connection.

In some cases, airlines may classify events that they have control over (such as technical issues) as extraordinary circumstances in order to avoid providing compensation to passengers or minimize their liability. This is due to a variety of factors such as financial concerns or operational challenges. It’s always best to verify any information provided by an airline and seek help from a flight compensation company if you’re unsure.

When claiming compensation, always keep in mind that technical problems with the aircraft, staff strikes and staffing shortages are typically the responsibility of the airline, and not considered extraordinary circumstances. If the airline claims otherwise, it’s likely incorrect.

3. Right to Care

In various situations, you have the right to receive passenger care from the airline.

If your flight is delayed, cancelled, or if you are denied boarding, TAP is obliged to provide you with assistance. This also applies to missed connections resulting from delays or cancellations.

According to EU Regulation 261/2004, if you find yourself waiting at the airport for your delayed/replacement flight, TAP is required to offer you certain services free of charge.

  • After a waiting period of 3 hours, TAP must provide you with complimentary meals and beverages that are reasonable in relation to the waiting time. Additionally, they should allow you to make two free phone calls, send emails, or faxes (for free).
  • If your delay extends overnight, TAP must also offer you free accommodation in a hotel, including free transportation to and from that hotel.

In the case of a missed connection due to a delay or cancellation, the airline is obligated to arrange a new flight for you without any additional charges.

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4. How to Claim TAP Flight Compensation?

There are two methods of claiming EU flight compensation.

To claim compensation for a TAP flight, you can either contact the airline’s customer support center directly through their website or seek legal representation.

The former option may take a few months and require negotiations with the airline, so keeping evidence of your delayed arrival time is recommended. Also make sure you mention your rights (refer to Regulation (EC) No 261/2004) when you make a claim.

On the other hand, the latter option offers a more straightforward solution as legal professionals handle all aspects of the claim. Our partners’ services include legal representation for flight compensation claims. Further details below.

When choosing this option, here is all you will have to do:

Go to
this page

Fill in a claim form

Upload documents*

Sign online

And that’s it — the rest is handled by professionals.

* Your boarding pass and passport or ID copy.

Read more:

4.1 How Long Does It Take?

Typically, it takes at least a couple of months for passengers to receive compensation from an airline. However, if the case is referred to a national enforcement body or court, the process may take up to six months or more.

Several factors can impact the length of time it takes to receive compensation. If the airline accepts your claim and agrees to pay compensation promptly, the process will be quicker. However, if the airline disputes your claim, the process may take longer, and you may need to go through a lengthy legal process to obtain compensation. Additionally, the complexity of your case can also affect the time it takes to receive compensation as not all claims are created equal.

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5. How Much Can You Claim?

The compensation amount is fixed and range from €250 to €600.

Here is how you can calculate the amount of TAP flight compensation:

When your destination is within the EU/UK:


If the distance of your flight is
up to 1,500 km


If the distance of your flight is between 1,500 – 3,500 km

When your destination is outside the EU/UK:


If the distance of your flight is
up to 1,500 km


If the distance of your flight is between 1,500 – 3,500 km


If the distance of your flight is more than 3,500 km

There’s one exception. When the distance is 3500 kilometres or more and you reach your destination 3 to 4 hours later, you are entitled to compensation of €300, not €600. If the delay is longer than 4 hours, you will get full compensation of €600.

5.1 TAP Voucher Refund or Cash?

Although TAP may offer you a voucher as compensation, it’s worth knowing that you can choose to decline this voucher and instead opt for a bank transfer. Please note that European airlines are required to provide compensation and flight cancellation refunds via by bank transfer, and not in the form of vouchers.

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6. Connecting Flights

6.1 What Is a Connecting Flight?

A connecting flight involves taking two or more flights in succession, requiring passengers to change planes at some point during their journey instead of taking a direct flight from point A to point B. This means that point C becomes a part of the itinerary, where passengers will fly from A to C and then from C to B, sometimes with additional stops in between. The time spent at the airport between flights is usually called a layover, while a layover lasting over 24 hours is known as a stopover.

There are two types of connecting flights:

  1. airline-protected transfers,
  2. self transfer flights.

6.2 Airline-Protected Transfer

How to determine if you have an airline-protected transfer?

Consider the following criteria:

  1. You have booked a connecting flight either directly through the airline or through a third-party service like Kiwi, Expedia, or eDreams.
  2. Your itinerary consists of two or more flights, and you possess a single booking reference number for the entire trip. Note that this reference number should be from the airline’s booking system rather than the travel agent’s.
  3. You can view your entire itinerary using this one reference number when you access the airline’s website to manage your booking.

6.3 Self Transfer

To determine if you have a self transfer, consider the following:

If your flights were booked separately and each has its own reservation number, it is considered a self transfer. Similarly, if you paid for each flight separately, it is also a self transfer.

Distinguishing between a self transfer and an airline-protected connecting flight can be difficult. However, you can check the tickets to differentiate between the two. When each flight has a unique reservation or booking reference number, it is more likely a self transfer. Furthermore, online travel agencies like Kiwi or Expedia indicate if the flight is a self-transfer.

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7. Missed Connection

A missed connection refers to a situation where a passenger is unable to catch their connecting flight. This can occur due to various reasons, such as the passenger arriving late for their flight or experiencing a delay or sudden cancellation of their previous flight. When the layover or connection time is short, such as one or one-and-a-half hours, it becomes more challenging to make the next flight.

It is important to recognize that airlines often have measures in place to assist passengers who have missed their connecting flights. In some instances, experiencing a delay may even work in favor of passengers as they may be eligible for flight compensation of up to 600 euros per person.

Cancelled or delayed flight causes missed connection?

7.1 Airline-Protected Transfer

Choosing an airline-protected transfer is the most straightforward and reliable choice for passengers.

In cases where passengers miss their connecting flight due to a delay or cancellation, the airline offers protection. This means that the airline will arrange a new flight for the passengers and, in some instances, provide compensation.

If your flight falls under the EU Regulation 261/2004, you may be eligible for compensation for the missed flight. This compensation would cover your entire journey.

It’s important to note that refunds are not available for missed flights.

Don’t forget to file a claim for compensation!

Connecting flight example: Frankfurt to Cancun with a layover in Lisbon. Your final destination is Cancun. Lisbon Airport is only a layover airport. This connecting flight is booked from TAP Air Portugal, and all flight legs are under one booking reference number.

7.2 Self Transfer

Self transfer refers to the practice of booking multiple flights separately.

In the case of a missed connection during a self transfer journey, neither airline bears responsibility for your entire trip or any missed flights. If any of these flights experience a delay of 3+ hours, get cancelled, or if you are denied boarding, you may be eligible for flight compensation specifically for that particular flight. However, the airline is not accountable for your second flight. If you miss it, you will need to make arrangements for a new flight independently.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

My flight was discounted/cheap. Can I get compensation if it was cheap?

The price of your ticket doesn’t matter.

If you have arrived 3+ hours later than scheduled, and the delay/cancellation was due to the airline’s fault, you might be entitled to compensation from TAP Air. The price of the ticket doesn’t lower your chances of getting compensation. And it certainly doesn’t affect the compensation amount you are getting.

I am entitled to compensation, but I don’t have travel insurance. Can I still get compensation?

Yes, absolutely. 

According to the Regulation EC 261/2004, you can claim compensation even if you don’t have insurance.

Can my child/baby get compensation from TAP?

Yes, they can.

The age of the passenger doesn’t matter. Kids and babies can get compensation, too. Even infants who have a special infant ticket. If you are entitled to compensation, your child/baby will be too. They will get the same amount as you.

Can I claim compensation for another person?

Yes, you can.

Even if you weren’t on that flight yourself.

Just don’t forget that you will need to ask them sign any documents the airline or the flight compensation company will ask to sign. Also you will need to provide their boarding pass and passport copy.

How far back can I claim compensation?

It depends on the local laws of the country.

If you are flying from the EU, in most cases you can claim compensation also for old flights — flights that were 2-3 years ago. However, we would recommend you to claim compensation as soon as you return from your trip. The sooner you do it, the better.

What to do if TAP is refusing to pay compensation?

TAP is refusing to pay compensation even though you are entitled to it. 

Is there a chance that you still might get your compensation? Yes. There are two ways how you can proceed. If you don’t want any more hassle, the best way is to hand over your case to a flight compensation company. They will continue the work on your behalf. 

Alternatively, you may contact the respective national enforcement body and ask them to help solve your case. There are national enforcement bodies in all the EU Member states.

EU – Non-EU Flights, Tourists

I’m flying to the EU from a country outside the EU. Can I get compensation?

If you’re flying with TAP then yes, you can.

You are protected as a passenger on all TAP Air flights. Even on those which depart from a country outside the EU.

All thanks to EU Flight Compensation Regulation 261/2004.

I’m flying from the EU to a country outside the EU. Can I get compensation?

Are you flying with TAP?

Then yes, you can. You are protected as a passenger on all TAP Air flights. Even on those which depart from the EU and arrive in a country outside the EU.

I am not a EU citizen. Can I get compensation?


Your nationality doesn’t matter. The EU Regulation 261/2004 protects all passengers — tourists from overseas and Europeans alike. 

TAP Delayed Flight > Missed Connection

If I miss my connecting flight, what will happen to my checked baggage?

The course of action in case of a flight delay leading to a missed connecting flight varies depending on whether you have an airline-protected transfer or not.

With TAP protected transfer, the airline will arrange an alternate flight for you to replace the missed one. Additionally, your luggage will be transferred to the new flight by TAP, guaranteeing its arrival at your destination.

Learn more: Lost baggage, Delayed baggage, Damaged baggage

What if I miss my connection due to bad weather? Am I entitled to compensation?

Unfortunately, compensation cannot be provided for this flight as weather conditions are considered “extraordinary circumstances” and thus not the airline’s fault.

The airline has no control over such events. However, you will still receive a new flight to your destination without any charge.

Flight Cancellations

What to do if my first flight is cancelled more than 2 weeks before departure date and because of that I risk missing my connecting flight?

Is it an airline-protected connecting flight?

If it a protected connection, the airline give you a new flight ticket for free.

And if that means missing your connection because of that, you can also choose a new connecting flight (also for free). 

As it isn’t a last-minute cancellation, you can’t get flight cancellation compensation.

If you don’t wish to travel anymore, you can ask for a full refund.

If it’s a self transfer, all you can ask for is a full refund for cancellation.

You can’t get a new flight for free if it’s a self transfer.

Other Situations

TAP provided me with a free replacement flight to my destination and a free hotel stay. Can I still get compensated for my disrupted flight?


Accepting the replacement flight and free hotel stay won’t lower your chances of getting compensation. If you are entitled to compensation from the airline, you will get it.

TAP took me to my destination. Can I still get compensation?

Yes, you might.

If you arrived at least 3 hours later than scheduled, and the delay/cancellation was due to the fault of the airline, you might get compensation. Even if you were given a new ticket to your destination.

Have you ever missed a connection? Was it a connecting flight with TAP? Share your experience. Do you have any questions about TAP missed connection compensation policies? Ask in the comments.

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